I was skeptical at first. I looked at tinctures in general as another phase in a world trying to go all natural. But when both my daughter and I somehow got impetigo (a common infection on the lips of small children) and the antibiotic was going to cost $150, I decided to try using the garlic tincture. We used the tincture three times a day. We applied it two ways. First, we dropped some tincture on our finger and applied to our lips, three times a day. Second, we ingested two or three droppers full three times a day. We experienced results on the second day and after a week the pain was gone with no sign of it anywhere.
I now am a believer. I’ve added the garlic, cough congestion , elder echinacea, and cold flu tinctures once a day forays my winter routine and the last two winters have not got sick once.