Taking Ancient Medicine Cabinet tinctures have kept me and my family from having major sicknesses for the past couple of years now. Where before, we would find our entire family sick with something or other pretty frequently. Not to say we never get sick, but we now know what works for us and is a more natural alternative. We take their garlic, elder/echinacea, fever-cold-flu, on a regular bases through the winter months as a preventative measure. If we do happen to get sick we will add the cough/congestion as well as upping the dosage of what we take preventatively and the illness is resolved much more quickly. We also really love the digestive aide when we are in need of gas or upset stomach relief. It is so much better for you in a natural form than any other antacids out there. And it works soooo much better and I personally have found that relief comes pretty quickly. I absolutely can’t tell you enough how FANTASTIC their muscle cream is. It is soooo wonderful. If I’m really stiff and hurting I will rub this in before bed and the next morning I can’t believe how much better I’m feeling. We also have their roll-ons and they are wonderful also. Again, I just can’t say enough about all their products and how I believe they have helped aide in a more natural way of being healthy for me and my family. Thanks ladies for all your research, time, talent, and treasures that you all bestow upon us with your different gifting’s in this store. May the Lord richly bless all of you and your families.