Glycerin vs Alcohol
Herbal tinctures are a liquid extract from one to serval herbs. Following the extractive process, the tincture is then separated from the spent herb and is filtered, creating your herbal remedy. There are a few ways of creating this using different bases liquids. Some being vinegar, glycerin, vodka or brandy. We are here to today to talk a bit about why Ancient Medicine Cabinet makes their ‘liquid gold’.

We use vegetable glycerin derived from palm fruit….yes fruit…why they called it vegetable glycerin? No one knows…. Glycerin is very sweet so kids tend to enjoy it. Some even call it ‘gummy bear juice’. This makes it easier for to take and enjoy. It also safe if a child happens to get the bottle and drink an entire bottle, yes I’m talking from experience. Palm fruit glycerin actually aids in replenishing your mucus membranes in your gut. This tincture is also easily digested as it gets absorbed in the small intestine, not making it to the large intestine for the fermentation process. Tinctures made with glycerin has up to a 2 year shelf life when stored in a cool dark area. These are a great option for families with many young children or those who cannot handle the taste of alcohol base tinctures.

Alcohol-based tinctures are safe for use by children, pregnant women, and breastfeeding women, since the amount of alcohol ingested per dose is the equivalent of eating a very ripe banana. You actually get more alcohol from mouth wash than you would consuming a alcohol-based tincture. Crazy, right? Alcohol has been used as a base in herbal tinctures for centuries, and remain popular today for it fast acting properties, potency and ability to preserve a 10 year shelf life! Given that only a very small amount of alcohol is consumed when we use a herbal tincture, it s a very safe and effective way of deliver our favorite herbal remedies.  They are extremely fast acting because alcohol can enter our bloodstream quickly. Our tongue and cheeks contain capillaries which quickly absorb the alcohol. This means that when we place some drops under the tongue were not actually digesting the extract, rather, its entering our bloodstream almost immediately to deliver the tinctures potent properties. This allow only a very small dose is required to reap the benefits.

This should give you a base understanding of why we choose to use both glycerin and alcohol based tinctures. Please leave any question in the comments below and we will do our best to answer you promptly!

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