Peppermint Balm Mint Lamb Mint Benefits, Uses and Harvest

Peppermint has many names, balm mint, curled mint, lamb mint and well, of course, peppermint. The plant is easily identified by its scent and flavor. It is indigenous to Europe but can be found worldwide and it commonly used throughout many cultures. It is in the Lamaceae (Mint) Family.



This plant is a perennial that grows from 1 to 3 feet tall. it has smooth, square stems and dark green opposite leaves with reddish veins. the leaves are 1 to 3 inches long and about half as wide. they have coarsely toothed margins, covered in short hairs, and a pointed tip. Purple flowers bloom from mid to late summer and are about 1/4 inch in length. The flowers do not produce viable seeds and the plant spreads by underground roots and rooting stems.

Medicinal Use

Menstrual cramping is a great way to introduce peppermint tea or oil to your monthly cycle. it is known to relax uterine muscle spasms and relieves menstrual cramping. Women can drink 3-5 cups a tea daily.

Rubbing the oil onto the forehead or on the scalp over the nay sore neck/shoulder muscles may relieve any tension headaches. The oil relieves the spasms that cause some type of headaches. You can use peppermint infused products, although the distilled oil is stronger.

Peppermint calms the stomach and intestinal tract, relaxes the muscles, and soothes the mucous membranes. It helps treat diarrhea, spastic colon and IBS.

This plant has an anti-bacterial component that works to bring an increased blood supply to the skin to speed up healing. Leading to slightly numbing the skin surface to relieve pain from insect stings, itchy skin, and mild skin irritations.


Peppermint Tea – 1 teaspoon peppermint leaves, 1 cup water. Pour boiling water over the peppermint leaves and allow leaves too steep in water for 10 to 15 minutes.

Digestive Aid Tincture – The POWERFUL properties of Dill, Peppermint, and Chamomile can be harnessed in a small 2 ounce bottle and placed right into your beverage for convent relief with this tincture on hand!

Fever, Cold, and Flu Tincture – This herb cools the body naturally and is high in calcium, potassium, and magnesium which are needed for your body to recover from an illness.



Elder and Echinacea

Katie on May 13th, 2021

I use this to ward off colds when symptoms start – using it about every 30-60 minutes for a couple days. Because my kids are still young, the small doses last a good while. And because it works, I like to keep stocked up so I never run out! And a plus is it tastes really good without any added sugar!

Marshmallow Root

The first thing I found out about marshmallow root is they actually used this to make marshmallows. Who knew right? Marshmallow root has amazing benefits and if there was ever a famine here you could actually use this to help get the minerals needed. It has mucilage property, which produces a thick sticky substance that coats membranes. Marshmallow root is an anti-inflammatory, helps speed up the healing process of inflammatory digestive disorders as well. Help relieve sore throats and reduce dry coughing. This soothing effect can help the inflamed and irritated tissues of not only the respiratory organs, but also of the digestive tract and urinary organs. Marshmallow root has also been used for the kidneys. Some will use it to cleanse their kidneys or urine track. As well as passing kidney stones. What it does is help increase the secretion and flow of urine increasing the flow of urine.

Katie Karl

Taking Ancient Medicine Cabinet tinctures have kept me and my family from having major sicknesses for the past couple of years now. Where before, we would find our entire family sick with something or other pretty frequently. Not to say we never get sick, but we now know what works for us and is a more natural alternative. We take their garlic, elder/echinacea, fever-cold-flu, on a regular bases through the winter months as a preventative measure. If we do happen to get sick we will add the cough/congestion as well as upping the dosage of what we take preventatively and the illness is resolved much more quickly. We also really love the digestive aide when we are in need of gas or upset stomach relief. It is so much better for you in a natural form than any other antacids out there. And it works soooo much better and I personally have found that relief comes pretty quickly. I absolutely can’t tell you enough how FANTASTIC their muscle cream is. It is soooo wonderful. If I’m really stiff and hurting I will rub this in before bed and the next morning I can’t believe how much better I’m feeling. We also have their roll-ons and they are wonderful also. Again, I just can’t say enough about all their products and how I believe they have helped aide in a more natural way of being healthy for me and my family. Thanks ladies for all your research, time, talent, and treasures that you all bestow upon us with your different gifting’s in this store. May the Lord richly bless all of you and your families.

Ed Karl

I was skeptical at first. I looked at tinctures in general as another phase in a world trying to go all natural. But when both my daughter and I somehow got impetigo (a common infection on the lips of small children) and the antibiotic was going to cost $150, I decided to try using the garlic tincture. We used the tincture three times a day. We applied it two ways. First, we dropped some tincture on our finger and applied to our lips, three times a day. Second, we ingested two or three droppers full three times a day. We experienced results on the second day and after a week the pain was gone with no sign of it anywhere.
I now am a believer. I’ve added the garlic, cough congestion , elder echinacea, and cold flu tinctures once a day forays my winter routine and the last two winters have not got sick once.