Herb Reference Sheets

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Quick Reference Sheet

Pick and herb and learn why we use the herbs we do. Also look up your own herbs and see what you can do.


Is a perennial will grow about 2 – 3 feet tall. It has flowers that are white with a yellow middle.

White Willow

Does more than ease pain. The body converts saline into salicylic acid over a period of time. Willow works slower than aspirin but causes fewer gastrointestinal problems and willow’s effects last longer than aspirin. It’s also antiseptic, antioxidant, and immune-boosting. Also prevents the breakdown of cartilage.


Known for stopping and healing blood issues. From a cut on your skin to ulcers and hemorrhoids. Also with other healing properities such as digestion, and menstral cramps.


Lung Tonic – “Cleans the Lungs”
This herb is traditionally known for it’s powerful superpowers! Lungs, Ears, and Spine, Bones, and Joints

Lythrum Salicaria (Purple Loosestrive)

Purple loosestrife is a wetland plant with showy purple flowers arranged on flower spikes. It can be found growing in wet soils along a lake, river, or bogs. The best time to harvest is after the main bloom in August. 

Our Products

We now offer 1oz of 1 herb tinctures. Where you can test and learn about the herb, and implement it into your medicine cabinet!


No First Aid Kit is complete without Yarrow.

Known as “Master of the Blood” and an “Indispensable Blood Remedy”, Yarrow offers a variety of important properties to your ancient medicine cabinet!


Lung Tonic – “Cleans the Lungs”

This herb is traditionally known for it’s THREE powerful superpowers!


Ginger has likely more benefits than humanity is even aware of. This single herb addresses a host of ailments and supports our health in big ways.